November 30, 2005



Arts in Touch. Three commissions for arts project for Barking, Havering and
Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust. Commission 1: The Atrium ­ Lightwell: for
artists working in glass, metal, textiles or mixed media. Budget GBP30,000.
Commission 2: Children's Unit ­ The Tropical Lagoon: for visual artists, 3D
designers, furniture makers and automata makers. Budget information
available with artists brief. Commission 3: Cancer Unit ­ Viewfinder: for
landscape photographers. Budget GBP10,000 to include production. Deadline 15
January 2006. For information contact Amanda Flower T: +44 1708 517960. E:
BHR Hospitals - Welcome

November 29, 2005

The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

Session: June 10th - August 12th. Skowhegan is an intensive nine-week summer
residency program for emerging visual artists, providing an exceptionally
stimulating and rigorous environment to support artistic creation and
interaction. Artists are provided with a concentrated period of work,
created with the support and critical assistance of a distinguished faculty
of Resident and Visiting Artists.

Through its admissions process Skowhegan seeks to bring together a gifted
and diverse group of individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to
art-making and inquiry. Sixty-five participants are accepted annually.
Skowhegan's financial assistance program helps insure that artists accepted
to the School may participate regardless of their financial status. A
variety of full and partial scholarships are available to those who provide
evidence of financial need. Deadline Feb 1 2006. A detailed description of
the program, financial assistance opportunities and the 2006 application are
now available online at: www.skowheganart.orgThe Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

Craft Northern Ireland


Craft Northern Ireland, a new regional development organisation for craft,
will be launched on 28 November at Ormeau Baths Gallery. Craft Northern
Ireland has been established to support individual designer-makers and
businesses. It will promote the development of aesthetic and design aspects
of craft in the region, while also stimulating opportunities to increase
business success.

Raising the profile of Northern Irish contemporary craft among the general
public, arts and business communities will be a key objective of Craft
Northern Ireland. Craft Northern Ireland will be located in Cotton Court in
Belfast¹s Cathedral Quarter. See: For further information
please contact Joe Kelly, Director, Craft Northern Ireland. T: 028 9038 8391
E: to Craft Northern Ireland

Artist Opportunities : European Ceramic Workcentre


The European Ceramic Work Centre (.ekwc) sees a lot of creative potential in
the relationship between ceramics and architecture. For that reason the
centre has started two projects in 2005. One project focuses on the brick
and the other focuses on five annual combined residencies in the ekwc for
visual artists / designers and architects. Architects, designers and visual
artists with an academic education or an equivalent proven professional
experience are invited to send in a proposal for one of the projects.
Closing date is December 1. Additional information and application forms can
be found on the ceramics & architecture section of U: Those
interested can also contact T: 31 (0)73 6124500. E:

Brick: architects, visual artists and designers are invited to send in a
proposal for the development of a new type of brick or a new application for
existing bricks. In 2006 the selected participants will have the time to
realise their project plan. In 2007 the results will be shown in a
publication and an international exhibition.

Combined residencies. Dutch and foreign architects, visual artists and
designers are invited to form a combination with a representative from
another discipline; thus: an architect chooses a visual artist and/or
designer and vice versa. The condition is that at least one architect is a
member of each combination. The combination jointly submits a proposal for a
residency in the .ekwc. We expect these project proposals to relate to the
use of ceramics in architecture and to have any kind of artistic or
technical innovation in mind.� � European Ceramic Workcentre

November 22, 2005



Glencree Visitor Centre Gallery are currently putting a programme of
exhibitions together for the coming year (2006-7). Particularly interest in
artists/photographers who are working in the areas of social inclusion,
cultural diversity, anti-racism, peace and peace-building or in some
community based project that has a consciousness raising aspect around
themes of poverty, conflict, reconciliation and respect ­ to name but a few.
Exhibitions that in short, have some element of social awareness. Contact
Philip Boxberger, Exhibition Organiser, Glencree Visitor Centre, Glencree
Centre for Reconciliation, Glencree, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. T: 01 2829711.
E: U: www.glencree.ieGlencree Centre for Reconciliation - Welcome

Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings : The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions:

Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings
October 18, 2005–December 31, 2005

A large and significant part of Van Gogh's production that remains comparatively unknown is featured in this first major American retrospective of the artist's drawings. The exhibition includes a selection of more than 100 works ingeniously composed in pen and ink, graphite, chalk, charcoal, and watercolor, along with a group of related paintings. These graphic images, lent by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and from 50 other public and private collections, brilliantly illustrate Vincent's own dictum: 'Drawing is the root of everything.' "
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions: Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings: "

Markey Robinson : Painter

A primitive painter, a colourful character, a man of great complexity; are all descriptions which have characterised Markey over the years. Son who, what or which was he? Perhaps, a little of all three.

Markey Robinson was born in Belfast in 1918. The son of a house painter, he attended Perth Street Public Elementary School, studied for a time at the Belfast Collage of Art and visited Paris on a number of occasions. He drew upon his extensive travelling experiences for the diversiry of subjects and ideas which he portrayed throughout his life.

Rev. Dr. A L Agnew opened several of his exhibitions and gave much encouragement to the artist along with the avid collector Zoltan Lewinter-Frank, whose collection was shown at the Belfast Museum and Art Gallery in 1958 and included some of Markey's works. The 1950's was the busiest decade for exhibitions in Belfast for the artist.

For well over half a century, Markey produced both significant and controversial works of art. He, however, appeared indifferent to the blinkered views of those who failed to understand or appreciate his work.

Art is born out of and is a progression of what has come before. Markey's work is no exception. He assumed certain characteristics of artists such as Matisse, Derain and Picasso, developing and simplifying their ideas, making them his own, without moving into the realm of pure abstraction.

In a world of complexity, Markey has maintained an open, almost childlike honesty. There is a purity and sincerity in his work and yet we never cease to be reflective of, or challenged by his work.


SEARC'S WEB GUIDE TO IRISH ART ON THE NET: "Arts Organisations, Schools and Journals"

Howard Hodgkin : Painter

Hodgkin studied at the Camberwell Art School and later at the Bath Academy of Art in Corsham. His first solo show was in London in 1962. His early paintings tend to be made up of hard-edged curved forms in a limited number of colours. Around the beginning of the 1970s, his style became more spontaneous, with vaguely recognisable shapes presented in bright colours and bold forms. His works might be called "semi-abstract", and are often compared to Henri Matisse.

Hodgkin's paintings often seek to convey memories of encounters with friends and frequently carry titles alluding to specific places and events such as Dinner at West Hill (1966) and Goodbye to the Bay of Naples (1980-82). Hodgkin himself has said that he paints "representational pictures of emotional situations".

Despite their apparent spontaneity and usually small scale, many of Hodgkin's paintings take years to complete, with him returning to a work after a wait and then changing it or adding to it. He often paints over the frames of his pictures, emphasising the idea of the painting as an object. Several of his works are on wooden items, such as bread-boards or the tops of old tables, rather than canvas. A number of his works not shown in frames are surrounded by rectangles of simple colour.

In 1984, Hodgkin represented Britain at the Venice Biennale, in 1985 he won the Turner Prize, and in 1992 he was knighted.BBC - BBC Four - Audio Interviews - Howard Hodgkin

Call for Artists: Blitz New Talent Exhibition

Blitz Contemporary Art Gallery: "Blitz Contemporary Art Gallery is a bricks and mortar gallery opening in 2006 in the picturesque Medieval city of Bruges - the capital of the Belgian province of West Flanders and a major tourist destination receiving 3.5 million visitors each year.

The gallery is run by British author Belinda Levez in a professional and friendly manner.

Works for exhibition are selected by a jury comprising artists and art critics.

A programme of solo and group exhibitions is planned for 2006 including:

April – Blitz New Talent Exhibition – for emerging artists.

May – Blitz International Erotic Art Exhibition

July and August – Blitz Summer Show

September – Blitz International Contemporary Artist Exhibition"

Basquiat :The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston


Basquiat, an exhibition that examines and explicates the brilliant, mesmerizing works of Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-
1988), whose meteoric career coincided with the emergence of hip-hop culture and the era of artist as celebrity will
open November 20 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.Comprising more than 100 paintings and drawings from
collections worldwide, Basquiat will be on view in the Upper Brown Pavilion of the Caroline Wiess Law Building,
1001 Bissonnet Street, through February 12, 2006.The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

November 18, 2005

Around the World in 80 clicks

Around the World in 80 clicks

November 17, 2005


The Adelaide and Meath, Incorporating the National Children�s Hospital, Dublin has a large number of wards where patients spend stressful weeks receiving treatment and they are hoping to improve the environment by
installing high quality visual art. This will engage the public in discussions around art and distract them from their illness or the stressful environment of a hospital. With over 2500 staff and patients passing through the hospital every day this is a great opportunity to increase awareness of our cultural history and the value of visual art, while improving the
environment for patients, staff and visitors. Criteria for donating artwork:Graduate of a recognised Art College or university with a focus on fine arts, Exhibition history. At the moment, due to security and insurance
concerns, only two-dimensional framed work can be considered. Deadline for submissions is Tuesday 6 December 5pm. If you would be interested in donating artwork or a long-term loan, please send your C.V. with exhibition
history, and a max of 10 slides to the Arts Office, Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Incorporating the National Children�s Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Please direct any informal enquiries to the arts office T: 01 4142076.

The Adelaide and Meath, Incorporating the National Children�s Hospital, is also developing a database of artists to facilitate some upcoming commissions. Seeking artists who work in metal to possibly produce some decorative screens, handrails, etc. Deadline 6 December. Please send 5 images along with contact information and C.V. to Sarah Dobbs, Arts Office, Education Centre, Adelaide and Meath, Incorporating the National Children�s Hospital, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
AMNCH web site

November 16, 2005


Following the adoption of a new Arts Plan 2006-9, Dublin City Council invites applications for funding towards arts projects and programmes in the city which are complementary to the following key objectives; Achieving
quality provision of the arts and cultural services; Supporting the established and emerging artist; Ensuring equality of public access to and participation in the arts, particularly throughout city neighbourhoods;Encouraging awareness, education and research in the arts; Supporting the sustainable and strategic development of arts initiatives. New funding categories and criteria have been introduced this year in support of these objectives. An information meeting will be held on Friday 18 November 2.30pm. The LAB, Foley Street, Dublin 1.

Closing date for receipt of applications is Monday 12 December 5pm. Application Forms may be obtained from: City Arts Officer, Dublin City Council, The LAB, Foley St., Dublin 1. T: 01 2225455. E:

National College of Art and Design MOVE TO UCD?

As some of you are probably already aware, An Bord of NCAD have been in discussions with the Governing Authority of UCD about the possible relocation of the college to the Belfield Campus. During the past few weeks
there has been large scale action by students, staff, businesses and community groups who oppose this move.
These people do not want to see this country's National Art College removed from it's current location to be based in a lifeless new building on the outskirts of such a huge college.
They feel it is more important to nurture the very close mutual relationship between the college, it's students and their artwork and the community around them.

Huge effort has gone into working with the local community in recent years and to remove the college would destroy efforts to regenerate the Thomas St area as a vibrant and creative centre. The recent protests and interviews
have been covered by the Sunday Times, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Evening Herald as well as and other supporting groups. For more information, you can check U: and voice your
support or offer help. Contact from past students and other practising artists would be greatly appreciated.

November 13, 2005



Co-Lab: a collaborative art production space in Nuns Island Art Centre,Galway from Mon 14 to Fri 18 November. Part of the Tulca season of visual arts. The project will include participants from a variety of backgrounds including visual art, sound, film, architecture, dance, design and music who will be given the time and space to develop projects with practitioners from other creative practices.

Participating Artists: Nicolas Curry, Angharad Davies, Nicholas Devaney, Jacinta Fahy, Jacqueline Galvin, Sharon Kelly, Emma Teck, Tom Flanagan, Andrea Fitzpatrick, Kevin Flanagan, Emer Gillespie, Maeve McElligott, Megs Morley, Tom Plsek, Ruth Beale. The Co-Lab will be open to the public daily and will result in a roundtable public discussion on the use and role of collaboration in contemporary practice with Enso Members, Art/ Not Art and Co-Lab participants on Sat 19 November at 3pm. Nuns Island Arts Centre, Nuns Island, Galway. T: 091 565886

There will also be a Live Art Event on Saturday 19 November 8 to 11pm featuring work chosen from an open submission by Enso, including artists Anthony Kelly, David Stalling, Spool, United Bible Studies, Eilis Ni Dhuill,Emma Finnucan, Enda Grennan, Nicky Larkin, Sven Werner, Tom Flanagan, Brian Fay, and the results from The Co-Lab.
Enso Art

The Dock : LEITRIM


Landscapes. An exhibition featuring new work by leading Irish artists continues at The Dock. Nick Miller works in a variety of media including the more familiar dense oil paintings but also introducing large-scale ink drawings, a vibrant new series of watercolour works of varied scale and two new limited edition carborundum prints. Hazel Walker's small atmospheric oil on gesso panels present iconic views of a stark and desolate landscape from an ongoing project focused on the environment at latitude 60 degrees north in the Shetlands. Mark Garry & Karl Burke present an installation that stems from a collaborative intervention in a forest in County Leitrim. In responding to this landscape, the artists built a number of physical elements and composed a soundtrack both within this forest and in response
to each other's work.
Continues until 19 November. The Dock,Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim.Welcome to The Dock website

Galway Arts Centre


Working with residents and the staff of The Fairgreen Shelter, Eyre Square,Galway, artist Brian Maguire has undertaken an extended period of research into the memory of homeless people who have died around Galway in recent years. The Fairgreen Project is the title of a showcase exhibition which presents the research gathered in Phase I by Brian Maguire.
Until November 26. Galway Arts Centre, 47 Dominick Street, Galway. Galway Arts Centre

November 10, 2005

Art In Nature

Art In Nature

Art-in-Nature. The Legend international art and nature walk opened 1 June
2005 at Schoonoord (the Netherlands) ­ province Drenthe. The foundation
Stichting Natuurkunst Drenthe is planning to organise this kind of
art-in-nature project for several years in the same location. Next years
theme is based on the history of a canal. Title: Still Water. Artists are
invited to send documentation for future consideration.

Arts and Disability Forum : AWARDS 2005

Arts and Disability Forum

The Arts & Disability Awards Ireland are designed to encourage artists to
reach their potential through further experimentation. They are open to
artists with disabilities throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland working in
all art forms. Creativity is the key factor and the Awards Panel are keen to
receive applications for Disability Arts projects. Deadline 7 December. The
Awards are administered by the Arts and Disability Forum.


Film Studies at Queen's

Seeking under the auspices of the Queens CELT scheme in the Creative Arts,
an artist of international stature for a residency March to May 2006. He or
she will work on a freely chosen project with production support from
Queens and Belfast Exposed Photography. BX will consider the work for
exhibition in their gallery with possible publication in Source Photographic
Review. Preference may be given to those who address contemporary life in
Northern Ireland and issues around social change. The resident artist will
be expected to deliver a number of workshops to photography students and
participate in the academic life of the School of Languages, Literature and
Arts at Queens.

The residency will attract a fee of GBP6000 plus support for materials and
travel. Applicants should submit the following: Curriculum vitae indicating
professional achievement and projects undertaken, Sketch for a proposed
project (800 words max), Some recent examples of their image work (in
digital form). Deadline Thursday 1 December. Applications should be emailed
to Desmond Bell, Head of Film Studies E: For information
on Film and Imaging at Queens University Belfast see U:
on Belfast Exposed U:

Gerard Mannix Flynn - James X - Safe House, Safe Place

Gerard Mannix Flynn - James X - Safe House, Safe Place

Far Cry Productions and Gerard Mannix Flynn Present: Not to Be Read in Open Court (an “Extallation”). For the last three years Gerard Mannix Flynn has
endeavoured to bring to public attention, through visual art form, one of
the bleakest periods in our recent history: the abandonment, betrayal and
abuse of its most vulnerable citizens by the Catholic Church, the Irish
State and their agents and servants. This latest “Extallation”, Not to Be
Read in Open Court, exhibited in association with Kevin Kavanagh, at the
Kevin Kavanagh Gallery in December 2003, in now being brought directly to the public at 8 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. The “Extallation” will be on indefinite exhibition at this site. For further information contact Far Cry Productions at 086 3723822.

Cork Film Centre

Cork Film Centre

Three days of video screenings, artist¹s presentations, panels and round
table discussions. This symposium is part of a project which screened new
video works by 32 young European artists, including 8 Irish artists mentored by Nigel Rolfe, from April to November 2005 at the Cork Film Centre.
Panelists include: Christine Van Assche, Chief Curator New Media, Pompidou Centre, Paris, Rob Perrée, writer and curator, Amsterdam/New York, Sacha Craddock, critic and curator, London, Caoimhín MacGiolla Leith, critic and
contributor to Art Forum, Dublin, Nigel Rolfe, project curator and Irish
artist mentor, Cliodhna Shaffrey, project curator. Willie Doherty will talk
about his work. Keynote address by Professor Declan McGonagle, Chair in Art and Design and Director of the Interface Research Centre at the School of Art and Design, University of Ulster. Friday 18 November 4 pm to 8 pm.
Saturday 19 November 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. Sunday 20 November 10.30 am to 2pm. Granary Theatre, The Mardyke, Cork. Booking through Cork Film Centre. T:021 4376033.

West Cork Artists

West Cork Artists
You are invited you to browse the new monthly online magazine - This electronic publication focuses on the art and
artists of West Cork, Cork, and South Kerry. Each month this online magazine
brings you art news and reviews from Ireland and abroad, as well as a
profile of a featured artist.

Irish Visual Artists' Rights Organisation | About IVARO : Irish Visual Artists' Rights Organisation | About IVARO
IVARO is a new organisation that has been established as a copyright collecting society for visual artists. On behalf of its members, it will collect and distribute royalties for the reproduction of visual works of art. IVARO also hopes to establish itself as the collection point for the new "artist's resale royalty" (or "droit de suite") soon to be introduced in Ireland.

November 06, 2005

Resources: Online Discussion Groups, Newsgroups, Mailing Lists and Listservs

Resources: Online Discussion Groups, Newsgroups, Mailing Lists and Listservs: "Online Discussion Groups, Newsgroups, Mailing Lists and Listservs
for artists, educators, artists with disabilities,
art therapists and home schoolers"

CCP - Cultural Contact Point

CCP - Cultural Contact Point: "Culture 2000 aims to promote transnational cultural co-operation, and a common cultural space in Europe. This means that most of the funding is for projects that are designed and carried out by collaborative partnerships of cultural organisations from different European countries." : Irish Visual Artists' Rights Organisation : Irish Visual Artists' Rights Organisation: "
The Irish Visual Artists' Rights Organisation was established in June 2005 to promote and protect the copyright and related rights of artists and visual creators in Ireland and worldwide."

Sculptors' Society of Ireland. Visual Art and Visual Artists Ireland

Sculptors' Society of Ireland. Visual Art and Visual Artists Ireland: "Sculptors' Society of Ireland

The Sculptors' Society of Ireland
(SSI) is an all Ireland membership body for professional visual artists. It provides services, facilities and resources for artists, it acts as an advocate for the interests of artists and it initiates projects and publications."

November 03, 2005


A comprehensive list of Irish artists personal websites. The internet has given artists the opportunity to show and sell their work directly to collectors.

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