November 16, 2005

National College of Art and Design MOVE TO UCD?

As some of you are probably already aware, An Bord of NCAD have been in discussions with the Governing Authority of UCD about the possible relocation of the college to the Belfield Campus. During the past few weeks
there has been large scale action by students, staff, businesses and community groups who oppose this move.
These people do not want to see this country's National Art College removed from it's current location to be based in a lifeless new building on the outskirts of such a huge college.
They feel it is more important to nurture the very close mutual relationship between the college, it's students and their artwork and the community around them.

Huge effort has gone into working with the local community in recent years and to remove the college would destroy efforts to regenerate the Thomas St area as a vibrant and creative centre. The recent protests and interviews
have been covered by the Sunday Times, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Evening Herald as well as and other supporting groups. For more information, you can check U: and voice your
support or offer help. Contact from past students and other practising artists would be greatly appreciated.


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