April 15, 2006

International Call for Participation - Special Session 2006 UNESCO Young Digital

"Scenes and sounds of my city" Special Session 2006

The UNESCO DigiArts Team invites young students and teachers to
reflect on the theme of "scenes and sounds of my city" and to send
to UNESCO a joint project proposal in group work that focuses on a
specific topic or issue in relation to their urban environment or
their experiences within urban surroundings.

This project will be realized through a running session of the
Scenes and Sounds of My City web-based learning application, which
is designed for young people (12-18 years old) to collaboratively
use creative digital tools in expressing their visions on urban

Through participation in this session, young people will have
opportunities to:
1. Express their ideas, reflections, viewpoints on their own urban
environment through creative productions using digital media

2. Interact with their young peers from different regions,
countries, cultures
3. Use ICT resources and creative tools and obtain skills of
manipulating different digital and online applications.

At the end of the session, the best projects will be selected and
presented at an international electronic arts festival. A number of
young delegates among the participants will also be invited to this
festival to transform their digital pieces into physical urban
installations in public spaces.

How to participate?
The following materials should be submitted to digiarts@unesco.org
by 3 May 2006:
· Registration form
· One project proposal per group of participants
· Short introduction of participants including contact information
and photo
For more information, find attached detailed guidelines and the
registration form or visit:

UNESCO DigiArts Team

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  • Some Artists
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