November 29, 2005

Artist Opportunities : European Ceramic Workcentre


The European Ceramic Work Centre (.ekwc) sees a lot of creative potential in
the relationship between ceramics and architecture. For that reason the
centre has started two projects in 2005. One project focuses on the brick
and the other focuses on five annual combined residencies in the ekwc for
visual artists / designers and architects. Architects, designers and visual
artists with an academic education or an equivalent proven professional
experience are invited to send in a proposal for one of the projects.
Closing date is December 1. Additional information and application forms can
be found on the ceramics & architecture section of U: Those
interested can also contact T: 31 (0)73 6124500. E:

Brick: architects, visual artists and designers are invited to send in a
proposal for the development of a new type of brick or a new application for
existing bricks. In 2006 the selected participants will have the time to
realise their project plan. In 2007 the results will be shown in a
publication and an international exhibition.

Combined residencies. Dutch and foreign architects, visual artists and
designers are invited to form a combination with a representative from
another discipline; thus: an architect chooses a visual artist and/or
designer and vice versa. The condition is that at least one architect is a
member of each combination. The combination jointly submits a proposal for a
residency in the .ekwc. We expect these project proposals to relate to the
use of ceramics in architecture and to have any kind of artistic or
technical innovation in mind.� � European Ceramic Workcentre


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