April 29, 2006

European Youth for Action: Art and Activism Caravan Makes Its Way through Greece-Balkans-Hungary

European Youth for Action: Art and Activism Caravan Makes Its Way through Greece-Balkans-Hungary

European Youth For Action (EYFA): Art and Activism Caravan
EYFA is a youth activist network. With the Art and Activism campaign, they aim to make activism creative and art active, and support the fight for environmental and social change, engaging society and the spreading skills, ideas, and resources. The Art and Activism (AA) Caravan is promoting use of art as an instrument for social change. It kicks off in Greece. It will travel through the former Yugaslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Hungary. It will end in Slovakia, at the Ecotopia gathering.

The AA Caravan consists of artists from different parts of Europe, involved in different fields of activist art. They will give workshops in video making, rhythms of resistance, costume making, rebel clowning & street theater, drawing & painting. The workshops are one to four days long, working toward a public creative activism outcome in the end of the week.

They are inviting young people, social & environmental activists, art students and anybody interested in spending creative and active time together. Together, we want to brainstorm about ways to put art and activism into practice, using themes suggested by participants. Join the workshops or contact the organizers if you want to set up a workshop.

Where is the caravan going?
Athens, Greece: June 4-8
Bitola, FYROM: June 11-16
Tirana, Albania: June 18-23
Plav, Montenegro: June 26-30
Belgrade, Serbia: July 2-6
Novi Sad, Serbia: July 11-14
Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina: July 16-20
Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina: July 23-27
Kapolcs, Hungary: July 30 - August 4
Zajeska, Slovakia (Ecotopia!): August 6-20

ActiVist ArT
takes art from the galleries, museums and theatres into public space, interacting with spectators in the streets,
motivates spectators to question and challenge the status quo,
supports the idea, that everybody is the artist,
opens up public space, making art open, understandable and accessible for everyone,
celebrates and promotes creativity and idealism, raising attention for social and environmental issues in creative ways, formulating critiques and discovering alternatives,
is not made for commercial or purely esthetical purposes,
is a communication tool taking many forms, films, installations, sculpturing, painting, wall murals, street theatre, poetry, drawings, photography,
is not just an art piece but a continuous process beginning with its creation and living on through the reactions it provokes,
is a way to integrate, involve and inspire people!
Further information: www.eyfa.org
Contact: coen@eyfa.org, belit@eyfa.org

ECOTOPIA 2006 Announcement

Ecotopia 2006 will take place in Zajezka, a beautiful location in Javorie mountains in Slovakia, from 6th to 20th of August.

Zajezka is a rural community in central Slovakia, where around 40 people live in houses scattered throughout the area. The Zajezka community exists 10 years and runs various projects related to traditional arts and crafts, alternative technologies, permaculture, rural development, etc.

The main topic of Ecotopia 2006 will be Art and Activism. Beside Art & Activism themes, the program will cover various issues and offer different workshops. Also, there will be possibilities for joining the local activities as well.

Ecotopia 2006 callout will be sent around soon. Please, spread the word. Everyone is invited, and everyone is welcome to take part in creating the program by giving workshops.


April 27, 2006

Visual Artists Ireland : Advocacy Lobbying and Representation

Visual Artists Ireland : Advocacy Lobbying and Representation: "

Artists Resale Right

The principle of the Artists Resale Right is that it allows visual artists and their estates to a share in the increased value of their artworks whenever they are resold through auction or other public sale.

The Artists Resale Right or Droit de Suit (Right to Follow) is a type of copyright that is currently provided for by legislation in a majority of EU states.

Ireland is an exception and does not currently operate the artists resale right, however, an EU Directive was passed in 2001 which obliges all EU states to introduce the scheme by 2006. The process of drafting legislation for introducing the Artists Resale Right in Ireland has been slow but is currently underway.

While the EU directive sets some parameters on how the scheme should work it also gives individual states the freedom to make decisions over certain aspects of how the scheme might operate. It is in regard to these issues that the current campaign is centred.

Visual Artists Ireland very much welcomes the introduction of the scheme for the benefit of Irish artists and their heirs.

It is the ambition of Visual Artists Ireland to ensure that the scheme is introduced in Ireland as soon as possible and that legislation is drafted in a way, which provides the maximum potential for artists to benefit from the scheme.

One of the main issues yet to be decided is who will be responsible for collecting and re-distributing the Artists Resale Right. Visual Artists Ireland believes that it would be best for this role to be undertaken by an artist centred organisation. To this end it has worked with the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency and the Copyright Association of Ireland to establish a new organisation that it feels would be appropriate to carry out this task. This new organisation has been legally constituted and is titled the Irish Visual Artists Rights Organisation (IVARO).

The work that Visual Artists Ireland has been undertaking in relation to the Artists Resale Right is currently being channelled through IVARO.

See the dropdown menu for more information on the Resale Right, the Directive, our position and the campaign. See the main menu for more information on IVARO."

April 15, 2006

International Call for Participation - Special Session 2006 UNESCO Young Digital

"Scenes and sounds of my city" Special Session 2006

The UNESCO DigiArts Team invites young students and teachers to
reflect on the theme of "scenes and sounds of my city" and to send
to UNESCO a joint project proposal in group work that focuses on a
specific topic or issue in relation to their urban environment or
their experiences within urban surroundings.

This project will be realized through a running session of the
Scenes and Sounds of My City web-based learning application, which
is designed for young people (12-18 years old) to collaboratively
use creative digital tools in expressing their visions on urban

Through participation in this session, young people will have
opportunities to:
1. Express their ideas, reflections, viewpoints on their own urban
environment through creative productions using digital media

2. Interact with their young peers from different regions,
countries, cultures
3. Use ICT resources and creative tools and obtain skills of
manipulating different digital and online applications.

At the end of the session, the best projects will be selected and
presented at an international electronic arts festival. A number of
young delegates among the participants will also be invited to this
festival to transform their digital pieces into physical urban
installations in public spaces.

How to participate?
The following materials should be submitted to digiarts@unesco.org
by 3 May 2006:
· Registration form
· One project proposal per group of participants
· Short introduction of participants including contact information
and photo
For more information, find attached detailed guidelines and the
registration form or visit:

UNESCO DigiArts Team

More at the
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    The Custom House Studios are now inviting submissions for exhibitions and
    use of studio space for 2007 and 2008. The Studios complex houses 7 artists
    studios with individual entrances, natural daylight and high ceilings, as
    well as an exhibition gallery, and a print studio. These facilities are
    housed in a historic restored Customs House building on
    the Quay in Westport. The studios are located up stairs overlooking the
    harbour. All studios have daylight and 24hour access. The studios are
    rented to Artists for a subsidised fee of 25 Euro per week, which includes
    utilities. The studios can be occupied initially for up to a year. One
    studio is available for shorter stays. There is no living accommodation.
    The gallery is located on street level and enjoys a high visitor numbers.
    There is a full programme of exhibitions.

    Applications are now invited for: Studio Occupancy. Artists are now invited
    to submit proposals for yearlong use of Studios in the year 2007and 2008. .
    Artists are also invited to submit proposals for exhibitions at Custom
    House. Please send letters of interest, CVs and documentation of work to:
    John Mc Hugh Custom House Studios, The Quay. Westport Co. Mayo. Ireland. The
    closing date for submissions is Thursday 31 of August 2006. Custom House
    Studios Limited, Westport Quay Co Mayo. T: 098 28735. E:

    More at
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    The Bank of Ireland (BOI) Arts Centre at Foster Place near College Green in
    Dublin is to close this coming June after nearly a decade in operation. The
    Centre currently employs three full time and eight part time staff. Read
    more on http://www.visualartists.ie.

    More at
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    April 14, 2006

    Vive Le Bourgeoisie

    A 5 Minute video piece dealing with themes of identity and alienation.

    More artists at
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