January 09, 2006



Over the first half of 2006 the Arts Council is developing a three-year
support programme for individual artists which will be announced in the
summer. This programme aims to build on and enhance the impact of all the
Council¹s direct and indirect supports to individual artists.

To facilitate this review, the Arts Council is offering the following
supports for individuals between January and June 2006: Travel and Mobility
Award (ongoing; at least four weeks before departure); Bursary (closing
date: 10 February); Location One Fellowship (closing date: 24 February)
Banff Residency (closing date: 10 March); Professional Development and
Training Award (closing date: 28 April)

The Arts Council has introduced improvements to bursaries that respond to
the ways in which artists now work. These include the introduction of a
small number of two to three year bursaries; bursaries to allow artists to
work collaboratively and equipment grants.

The Professional Development and Training Award which focuses on activity
that enhances creative practice and supports career development, has been
extended to support study in Ireland and abroad.

Some practical improvements are also reflected in the two international
bursaries which the Council offers, Location One Fellowship and Banff

Another notable development this year is the expansion of the Travel and
Mobility Award, which continues to incorporate an informal short training
strand, and now will allow for group applications to accommodate artists
who, because of the nature of their artistic practice, do not tend to travel
individually. It will also provide support for inward mobility.

The Arts Council website will also contain details of the schemes supported
by the Arts Council and run in conjunction with other agencies. These
include: the Artist-in-the-Community Scheme (Create); Arts & Disability
Awards (Arts & Disability Forum); Frameworks (IFB); Documenting the Arts
(IFB); Splanc! (TG4), and Artist in Prison and Writers in Prison Schemes
(Dept of Justice) and RTÉ Dance on the Box (RTÉ). The Arts Council does not
handle applications for artists¹ schemes.

Full details of Supports for Artists 06 programme will be available in
hardcopy format from early January, or online from the Arts Council website.

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