December 02, 2005

Cirque du Soleil : Alegria : benefit for Zip Zap

Cirque du Soleil will perform their show, "Alegria", as a benefit for Zip Zap, in London (February 1, 2006), and more info about how to purchase tickets--to help Zip Zap programs--is available at,

To purchase tickets directly, go to, the site for the Royal Albert Hall.

Please consider enjoying an unforgettable performance which will also benefit an invaluable program for youth! All best wishes and magical memories, Janet (Feldman, )

Zip Zap Circus School will be the beneficiary of the Cirque du Soleil show, Alegria, on Feb 1, 2006, at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Zip Zap is a circus school in Cape Town, mother city of South Africa. The school doors are open to all youth regardless of background, culture, gender or financial status. The school is free of charge to all students.

Using circus as a social tool, Zip Zap aims at bringing children together in a safe and fun environment. Circus skills as well as technical training (welding, rigging, prop building and repairs) will help them embark on a path of sustainable living. But, more importantly, life values such as team work, discipline, trust, confidence and honesty will enable these children to become responsible adults.

The School started in 1992 and has performed more than 500 shows in South Africa. They have also traveled to Denmark, Germany, Italy, France and USA for various festivals. Zip Zap is very proud to have performers currently working professionally in Europe & on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Even if producing professional circus artists is not the ultimate goal of the project, this has become a reality as the youth have embraced this opportunity, which has become a part of the success of this upliftment program. Zip Zap has been running various outreach programmes since 1994 with street children, rural children, and school children.

At the beginning of 2005, the focus of their outreach programme is with children born HIV positive and receiving ARV treatment at the Nolungile clinic in Khayelitsha, the biggest township of Cape Town.

Should you wish to support this program by buying a ticket at 60 pounds for the benefit show, please book directly through the Royal Albert Hall (tel. +44 (0)20 7838 3122) and mention that you want a ticket for the Zip-Zap benefit show on February 1, 2006.

Cirque du Soleil


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